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Movie Madness Presents: The Last Billionaire

Image of Movie Madness Presents: The Last Billionaire

DVD, 1934, 90 mins.

The tiny fictional country of Casinaria is on the verge of financial collapse when its desperate prime minister appeals to Monsieur Banco, the richest man in the world, for assistance. Shortly after his arrival in Casinaria, Banco receives a blow to the head that leaves him completely mentally unbalanced – but the country’s leaders regard his incoherence as merely a harmless eccentricity, a veil for his formidable intellect. It’s only a matter of time before Casinaria becomes a dictatorship, with the populace blindly following every last utterance of their deranged saviour.
Directed by René Clair
Starring Max Dearly, Marthe Mellot, Renée Saint-Cyr.